Community Threads Eight Week Training and Skills Development Program Schedule

Training 1
Introduction to Life Skills and Trade Choices
8 Hours Including business & social manner, etiquette, sales, customer service, appearance and conversation
Training 2Metal , Foam and PVC Roofing
32 Hours Include traveling and meals (2 parts)
Training 3Basics to Hands on Electrical
8 Hours and on the job training
Training 4Renovation, Repair and Paint Lead (8 hours)
Training 5Culinary/Meal Preparation
8 Hours Hands on and 3 hours Ohio Food Bank ( Safe Serve)
Training 6Business Start-up
8 Hours include name filing with Secretary of State& two of Legal Services
Training 7Agriculture/Gardening
8 Hours and hands on community gardening work
Training 8Hospitality Services
8 Hours includes Cleaning and Table Serving
Training 9OSHA 10
Training 10Framing and wood repair
8-10 Hours
Training 11Final Review, Interviewing and directed to business license or job opportunities, a Participates Support Plan will be included.
The programs are based on individuals and each student will be completing 24 hours or more of volunteer and training hours a month. However, to complete most of the training courses the student will need to participate for 60 days or more. They will have an opportunity to participate in a leadership program that will enhance the success of their business career and selected trade.