Funding Community Threads


Community Threads Inc. Community Arts & Events Complex current occupied 6700 square feet rental space has been self-sufficient since its conception. However, our near 30,000 square feet warehouse has been neglected and is now our main focus. The proposed financing methodology for a recent construction quote includes a total development cost of approximately $2.9 million.

The construction/permanent financing loan and additional project financing has not been determined yet. Therefore, we are determined to develop small sections at a time to accommodate our needs.  It reminds our hope that funding will come in the form of an angel financer, capital campaign, grants, donations and crowdfund. Reduction of permanent debt will allow tenant rents to remain affordable. Therefore, Community Threads is asking for your help to complete a much needed space for training and hands on work to accomplish skill building in the people living in our community.

The success of Community Threads Incorporated is linked to employment opportunities and business alliances in the corporate and non-profit industry. All indicators project excellent business and employment opportunities for those persons who enter into additional industries with a comparable skill set that we are preparing to provide.

Demographics in Central Ohio have a steadily growing population and a healthy economy making it an attractive service industry market. Franklin County and the other contiguous counties will continue to experience growth, particularly with the different ethnic populations.

The fastest growing age of the population is between 40 and 60, along with the 65+ age group, which comprises approximately ten to twelve percent of the population. However, our program activities will be provided to various age groups from school age to the elderly.

Our focus will target all age artisans preparing for business or the workforce and older adults upgrading their skills to be more useful to the changing workplace.

Livingston Avenue and Nelson bound the target area on the south and east; I670 on the north; and Neil Avenue on the west bound are the target area for the proposed services by Community Threads.

This marketing strategy includes, but is not limited to, the creation of a web site, allowing our target audience to access our web 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We believe including the latest technology for marketing purposes as well as training is a key to success for our program.

We will begin a targeted public relations campaign to promote our services to community residents. We will encourage the use of professional consultants within all ethnic backgrounds. Most importantly, we will streamline services with other community providers to create a one-stop-service model.

The above-targeted demographics combined with our overall strategy will yield a successful product in terms of employment and business alliances.

You can contribute to Community Threads Inc. by using the donation button in the footer below. Thank you for any contribution!