Community Threads Incorporated Overview/Mission

Community Threads Incorporated Community Arts & Events Complex is a community and social service 501(c)3 organization whose mission focuses on “threading” resources throughout the Central Ohio region. 

Community Threads Incorporated is an organization formed to empower the community with social and business opportunities, job creation and retention, and community revitalization projects by providing resources and assistance using a one-stop-model, our facility.

This model will be the thread to unite the community by designing programs and methods that promote long-term community and business collaborations to facilitate personal development, creating an arts and events resource complex for outreach and information dissemination. Community Threads shall provide technical assistance, artisan classes and workshops, administrative services, historical and educational opportunity sessions, as well as retail and affordable event rental space under one roof. This blend of resources with community and business opportunities provides a holistic approach to increasing the quality of life for the community and its residents.

Our Threads, Our Community, Our Focus: Families • Women • Homeless/Transient Individuals • Aged-out Foster Children • Human Trafficking Victims • Nutrition/Wellness /Healing Education • Prematurity and Infant Mortality • Arts and other Social Events

Since its inception in 2000, Community Threads has been a haven of support for individuals, women and families as well as artists. Mentioned for its unique one-stop shop for a variety of community and social needs, the space also boasts an onsite commercial kitchen and meeting/event/office space.

The economic development complex model contained within is designed to promote long-term business and personal health and wellness, providing resources for businesses and adding strength and confidence to a restoring neighborhood. From hosting a weekly food pantry and soup kitchen, various mission-oriented workshops, events and community Initiatives to serving as a place where creative minds and the artisans meet, Community Threads has been a critical change agent for the community-at-large.

This community gem fosters its unique community spirit by welcoming Central Ohio friends and neighbors to utilize its Olde Town East space for meetings, special events, production of goods and services and a home for retailing.